A Random Collection of Some Difficult Towing, Winching and Accidents We've Serviced and Some Shots of our Staff.

This is an accident we worked on Upper Byrnes Mill Road in Brynes Mill, Missouri.

This is what it looked like we when we arrived at the scene.

We had to cut this car off the guardrail on Highway B where it was impaled by the guardrail support beam.

Accident Recovery Scene with a downed utility pole.

This guy said, " I just looked down for a second", ...Oops!

She backed up too far.

We also tow tractor trailers. This driver made the turn wrong and dropped his trailer in the ditch.

This was a fatal accident on Highway 30 we worked. We help the customer clean out the car if the vehicle is totaled.

Our impound lot in Murphy Flats, Fenton.

We specialize in classic custom jobs in our service department.

This person ran off Highway 30 and 425 feet down the hill. We had to cut down 7 trees to get the vehicle out of the woods.

This is my competitors driver:)

With a 2 million dollar insurance policy, we are one of the only companies qualified to haul luxury automobiles.

Our head mechanic Bruce hard at work.

One of the weirder vehicles we've worked on.

Driver in this accident on Highway 30 had to crawl out the window.

Another accident on Highway 30.

Off road fun turned bad.

Rollover 1

Rollover 2


Rollover 4

Rollover fixed

One of our service trucks.

Accident Scene - Car off road

Accident Recovery Rollback Style

Accident Recovery & Salvage

One of our service trucks.